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Neptune Beach – “my kinda town”

The greater Jacksonville area is so large and diverse that I thought you might enjoy getting to know the different parts of the city as a regular feature in my blog. Please forgive me for starting with the part of town I chose for my family. I live in Neptune Beach – and couldn’t love it more! Read on to see why.

Neptune Beach is one of several beach towns that make up San Pablo Island – which stretches through two counties (Duval and St. Johns) and extends from Naval Station Mayport in the north to Vilano Beach on the south end. Our town has a total area of 6.8 square miles, which includes 2.3 square miles of land, and 4.5 square miles of water.

Neptune Beach was once part of Jax Beach. Legend has it that the name “Neptune” came about when a resident named Dan Wheeler (whose home once stood where One Ocean resort is today) built his own train station that he named Neptune. He built after learning that if the town had a station, the train would have to stop here! Neptune Beach then succeeded from Jax Beach after a tax revolt in 1931. The new government met in Wheeler’s train station until City Hall was built.

Yahoo Finance named Neptune Beach one of the best Florida cities to retire to (!), and in fact, about 15% of its roughly 7,000 people are 65 or older. But before you think of our town as sleepy – think again. Neptune Beach is alive and well and has something for residents of all ages. To begin with, we are the smallest of the Jax Beaches – and proud of it. Heavy on sand and ocean and lighter on commercial spaces (though close enough to walk and bike to all the fun in Atlantic and Jacksonville Beaches.), Neptune Beach has so much to offer:

·       Jarboe Park is full of fun activities for families – with newly renovated pickleball and tennis courts, basketball courts, upgraded playgrounds for a variety of ages, and a fitness course that circles the park.

o   And it’s not just Jarboe – we are a physically active community and have yoga, tai chi, dance, and big box gyms too.

·       Brewhounds is a dog park and bar in one (fun for 2- AND 4-legged residents.)

·       Rent golf carts, paddleboards and more in town and hit the beach.

·       We have public and private elementary schools, and Fletcher Middle and High Schools (go, Senators!) are in Neptune Beach as well.

·       And our part of the Town Center (shared by Atlantic Beach and Neptune) has wonderful restaurants (seafood, Asian, Mexican, Italian, and more), bars (Pete’s is by far the oldest and funkiest at the beach and turned 90 years old in December!), and even a cigar bar.

There are plenty of homes for sale at a variety of price points in our wonderful little town – and in the other beautiful beach towns on San Pablo Island. Please let me know if you’d like to learn more about how to live here in paradise!

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Great information. Love the history and the latest statistics. As a Neptune Beach resident myself, I can attest that this is a great place to live. I have a super diverse group of friends here and none of us want to live anywhere else!

Replying to

So glad you like it! 😀. We are such a hidden gem here in Neptune Beach and so lucky to live here.

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